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Information for OHP members

What you need to know

During the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), the federal government extended health coverage, services and supports for people with disabilities and older adults and provided extra food benefits. Some of these flexibilities and temporary programs will end as the federal COVID-19 PHE phases out.

Oregon is planning for how these changes will affect people, with a goal of keeping as many people as possible connected to benefits and covered by a health plan. Check this page for updates.

What you need to do now

  1. Keep your information up to date with the Oregon Health Plan (OHP).
    1. Online: Log in or create an account at
    2. Phone: 1-800-699-9075 on Mondays through Fridays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PST). Hold times are lowest from 7 to 8 a.m. All relay calls accepted. Interpreters are available. You also can connect with an interpreter in 16 different languages before being transferred to the Customer Service Center by selecting a toll-free language line.
    3. In Person: People can visit any Aging and People with Disabilities, Area Agency on Aging (Type B) or Self-Sufficiency Programs Office for help. Interpretation is available. Click here to find your local office.
    4. Through a local community partner: Find an OHP-certified community partner.
  2. Watch for any notices from the state
    1. OHP members will need to renew their benefits beginning in April 2023. You will receive a renewal notice starting in April 2023 through Sept. 2024 notifying you of your eligibility status. We know the uncertainty of when you will receive your notice is difficult if you rely on OHP to support your health and wellbeing.

The main thing you can do is to keep your contact information up to date, so you can get messages about your benefits, and read your notices carefully to see if you need to respond. Respond to information requests and submit renewal forms right away if you get them.

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Frequently asked questions

From April 1, 2023 to Sept. 2024, OHP will send notices to Oregonians who are enrolled in medical benefits. OHP enrollees will have 90 days to submit information to redetermine their eligibility for OHP.

​If you are no longer eligible for OHP benefits, you will receive a 60-day closure notice. OHP will share data with the federal Marketplace and the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace about enrollees who are no longer eligible for OHP benefits. The Marketplace will contact clients to advise of coverage options.

If you lose OHP benefits because you are no longer eligible, you will be eligible for a special enrollment period (SEP) to purchase a coverage through the Marketplace. In the past couple of years, financial assistance eligibility expanded to more people. Find out how much you can save.

If you are determined to be no longer eligible for OHP benefits, you will receive a 60-day closure notice which will clearly state a closure date. 

The Marketplace will send information to you shortly after you receive your closure notice from OHP. The information will let you know about the coverage options you have through the Marketplace. If you do not enroll through the Marketplace, you will receive a second notice from the about 30 days before your OHP benefits end.

OHP notices will be sent based on the preferred communications methods selected during the OHP application process. Notices will also be available through the ONE system.

​Marketplace notices will be sent by postal mail. Additional contacts will include text messaging, email, and phone calls, depending on communications preferences.

Typically no. However, there is a special enrollment period from March 31, 2023 through Nov. 30, 2024 which allows all people who lost OHP to enroll through​ the Marketplace, if eligible.

​A new special enrollment period (SEP) called an “Unwinding SEP” is available for people who lose OHP benefits between March 31, 2023 and Nov. 30, 2024. This new SEP allows you to enroll in Marketplace health coverage outside of the annual open enrollment period. will be updated so if you submit a new application or update an existing application between March 31, 2023 and Nov. 30, 2024 and report a last date of OHP coverage within the same time period, you will automatically be found eligible for an Unwinding SEP. If you are eligible for the Unwinding SEP, you will have 60 days after you submit their application to select a Marketplace plan. Coverage will start the first day of the month after you select a plan. You may apply for Marketplace coverage and report your loss of coverage up to 60 days before their last day of OHP.

​No, but has made updates to the existing application questions that asks about a recent loss of Medicaid or CHIP (OHP) coverage. has updated existing functionality to grant the Unwinding SEP if you are eligible. You can also be determined eligible for the Unwinding SEP through existing questions on applications completed with an insurance agent/broker.​

​The Unwinding SEP will be available to you if you qualify for Marketplace coverage if you:

  1. Submit a new application or update an existing application between March 31, 2023 and Nov. 30, 2024 and answer “Yes" to the application question asking if your Medicaid or CHIP coverage ended recently or will end soon, and
  2. Attest to a last date of Medicaid or CHIP coverage between March 31, 2023 and Nov. 30, 2024.

To help avoid gaps in coverage during unwinding, it is recommended that you act as soon as possible if you have received a notice from OHP that you are no longer eligible for benefits.

​You are not required to submit documentation of a qualifying life event to be eligible for the Unwinding SEP. You will be required to attest to a loss of Medicaid or CHIP coverage as part of the application.​

​It is essential that OHA and ODHS has current contact information for you to communicate effectively. Please update your contact information by logging in to or calling 800-699-9075 (toll-free).​

​You may email​.

You may also reach the Marketplace by calling 833-699-6850​ (toll-free).

No, but if you submit your application through the Marketplace before your current coverage ends your new plan will begin the day after your OHP benefits end. This will help you avoid a gap in coverage.

Yes. The Marketplace partners with organizations which offer assistance programs in addition to financial assistance available by enrolling through Learn more about these assistance programs.​​