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Oregon Marketplace assister trainings

Community partner program assister certification annual training

General training requirements

The Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace has a training program for those who assist Oregonians in applying for health coverage. You can find the schedule for that training below. The Oregon Marketplace Assister Training program replaces the online Marketplace training  provided each year by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); do not take the CMS training if you wish to be certified as an assister in Oregon.

Training components must be completed annually. The training year for the Marketplace in August 2020 and ends June 30, 2021, and is called “training year 2021 (TY2021)."

There are two parts to the annual training requirements for all assisters:

  1. Oregon Health Plan (OHP) training provided by the team at the Oregon Health Authority (For more information about OHP training contact
  2. Marketplace training provided by the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace (please see training requirements below).  These trainings will be offered also in Spanish as well as English.

The Marketplace component of the training requirement for all health coverage application assisters  in Oregon must be completed by October 31st of each year and is described below by category of organization:

TY2021 Training requirements

Marketplace grantee community partner organizations:
  • Every staff member in a Marketplace grantee organization who is a certified assister is required to take Marketplace Assister Training or Marketplace Refresher training if they qualify (see below).
Any OHA outreach and enrollment grantee or volunteer community partner organization:
  • Marketplace Assister Training – This training is intended for assisters that will be helping individuals and/or families that are potentially eligible for Marketplace coverage. Even organizations that primarily assist with OHP are required to have at least one person per worksite that completes the Assister training. The Assister training is a comprehensive training that includes all of the information from the Marketplace Overview Training and is about 5 hours long including breaks. Certification in Assister Training requires a passing score of the corresponding online certification exam. If you are planning to take the Marketplace Assister Training, you do not need to also take the Marketplace Overview Training.
  • Marketplace Overview Training – This training is considered a requirement to assist with health coverage applications for all assisters, even for organizations whose primary focus is OHP enrollment. The Overview Training is about 60-90 minutes long and provides basic information about the Marketplace including what's offered to eligible consumers as well as how to connect with agencies that can help do a Marketplace enrollment.
  • Marketplace Refresher Training – A new training offering this year, and only available to qualified assisters who have taken the top level of Marketplace training and passed the corresponding exam the previous two years. This training will provide information necessary to be certified as an assister, as well as a reminder of the key topics and procedures. The length of the Marketplace Refresher Training is yet to be determined as it is still in development, but will be shorter than the full Marketplace Assister Training, and we will make a later announcement about its length at a later date. Certification in Refresher Training requires a passing score of the corresponding online certification exam and will replace the Overview or Assister training requirements listed above if completed. Refresher training is available only to assisters who qualify. If you haven't received an invitation and you believe you qualify, email

All Marketplace training must be completed by October 31, 2020 to remain an active application assister. Training starts in August. Training dates are published below.

*Organizations that can reasonably expect they will not encounter any consumers who are not eligible for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) may apply for an exemption to the Marketplace Assister Training requirement, which will be reviewed and determined by the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). Organizations granted an exemption will still need to ensure that all assisters (even those focused on OHP) complete Marketplace Overview training.

**If you need an Assister ID and access to the ONE portal to help people apply for the Oregon Health Plan, please contact

If you experience any technical issues or have additional questions about the Marketplace training, please email

Registering for training:

  • Choose one training that fits your requirements and needs.
    • Note: You can take any training offered that aligns with your schedule. You may also choose to consider taking a training with your Marketplace outreach coordinator
  • Click the registration link corresponding to that training. If you believe you qualify for Refresher, but have not received an invitiation, please email
  • Create an account using your full name, work email address, and other required information.
The Oregon Community Partner training is also available in Spanish.

Supplemental Webinars
The Marketplace is offering new live webinar trainings to refresh or enhance your working knowledge of various topics. These optional trainings take a deeper dive into topics covered at a higher level in in Overview and Assister training levels. Assisters with any amount of experience are encouraged to participate. Trainings will start again in 2020.

Please email questions and topic ideas to

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