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Oregon Marketplace assister trainings

Community partner program assister certification annual training

Training Requirements:

There are two parts to the annual training requirements for all assisters:
  1. Oregon Health Plan (OHP) training provided by the team at the Oregon Health Authority. (For more information about OHP training contact
  1. Marketplace training provided by the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace that replaces the online Marketplace training  provided each year by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); do not take the CMS training if you wish to be certified as an assister in Oregon.

Marketplace training information:

  • Training components must be completed annually. The training year for the Marketplace starts July 1, 2022 and is called “training year 2023 (TY2023)."
  • All on-demand and Refresher training will be available August 1, 2022. 
  • Current assisters must complete training by October 31, 2022.
  • Assisters who are onboarded after October 31 should complete the training as soon as possible, preferrably within 30 days of assister certification.
  • The trainings will be offered in Spanish as well as English.

The Marketplace component of the training requirement for all health coverage application assisters is described below by category of CP organization:

Marketplace Overview Training Marketplace Assister Training Marketplace Refresher Training
Marketplace grantee organizationsN/AEvery assister at all locations
Any assister may take Refresher if they have completed the highest level of Marketplace training both of the past two years, including passing the exams
Any OHA outreach and enrollment grantee or volunteer community partner organization*Every assister at all locations, except who take either Assister or RefresherOne assister per organization per site (in lieu of Overview)

Registering for training:

  1. Choose one training that fits your requirements and needs. You can take any training offered that aligns with your schedule, but we recommend taking a training with your Marketplace outreach coordinator.
    • Use this link to register for in-person trainings.
  2. Click the registration link corresponding to that training.
  3. All certified assisters should already have an account in our training system. When you register for a training scroll to the bottom of the form asking you to create an account and “login”. Use your work email to login. You may need to select “forgot password” your first-time logging in. If you need assistance logging in or registering for a training, please email

The Oregon Community Partner training is also available in Spanish.

Assister training opportunities

This training is intended for assisters that will be helping people who are not eligible for OHP and are potentially eligible for Marketplace coverage. Even organizations that primarily assist with OHP are required to have at least one person per worksite  complete the Marketplace Assister training in its entirety. The Assister training is about 6 hours long including breaks. Certification in Assister Training requires a passing score of 80% or higher on the online exam. If you are planning to take the Marketplace Assister Training, you do not need to also take the Marketplace Overview Training.

View and register for Assister training using the links below:
Overview training opportunities

This training is considered a requirement to assist with health coverage applications for all assisters who do not take either the Marketplace Assister or Refresher Training, even for organizations whose primary focus is OHP enrollment. The Overview Training is about 60 to 90 minutes long and provides basic information about the Marketplace including coverage options for eligible consumers as well as how to connect with agencies that can help do Marketplace enrollments. ​

View and register for Assister training using the links below:
Refresher training opportunities

This training is only available to qualified assisters who have taken the highest level of Marketplace training and passed the corresponding exam both of the previous two years. This training will provide information necessary to be certified as an assister, as well as a reminder of key topics and procedures. The Marketplace Refresher Training is approximately 4 hours. Certification in Refresher Training requires a passing score of an online exam and will replace the Overview or Assister training requirements listed above if completed. New this year: the Refresher Training will be available on-demand only.

Email invites for Refresher training will be sent to eligible assisters via Mindflash.

  • If you do not receive an invite by August 1, 2022 and feel that you are eligible to take the Refresher training, please email
  • If you receive an invitation to take the Refresher training but would rather take the full Assister training, you are welcome to do so.

Trainings for people who assist special populations

​Training opportunities for Spanish-speaking assisters:​

Training opportunities for Tribal assisters:​

All Marketplace training must be completed by October 31, 2022 to remain an active application assister

Annual training Timeline

  • July 1: Annual training year begins. Assisters eligible for Refresher training will have the course available in their training account on July 1.
  • July - October: On-demand training and live trainings available for all levels. All assisters must complete training during this time, even if they completed initial training between Nov. and June.
  • October 31: Annual Marketplace training due for all assisters.
  • November - June: On-demand training available for all levels. Limited live trainings available.
**If you need an Assister ID and access to the ONE portal to help people apply for the Oregon Health Plan, please contact

If you experience any technical issues or have additional questions about the Marketplace training, please email

Marketplace Training FAQs

At least one assister per location where your organization offers assistance must complete the full Assister Training, and every other assister must take the Overview Training, at a minimum. This is true even if you do not help clients complete Marketplace applications.​

​No, you do not need to register for or take both trainings. The content in the Overview Training is included in the Assister Training at more depth. You can take the Assister Training after completing the Overview Training if you want to have a higher level of Marketplace expertise.​

​Yes! If you took the Marketplace training in July 2022 or before, you are required to take the new training for TY2023. This is an annual training, and training is due on Oct. 31, 2022, to remain an active application assister. In addition, our training curriculum has been slightly modified from last year, so you will see new information in this year's training.

Refresher Training is available to assisters who have completed the top tier of Marketplace training and passed the corresponding exam in both of the past two years. If you are wondering if you have met this requirement, email us at ​

​We understand that many assisters do not directly help people with Marketplace applications. The Overview Training is designed to help assisters understand Marketplace eligibility and to make qualified referrals when people do not qualify for the Oregon Health Plan. We know that assisters want to avoid saying “no." Marketplace training will give you a “yes" if people don't qualify for OHP.​

​Organizations that can reasonably expect they will not encounter any consumers who are not eligible for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) may apply for an exemption to the Marketplace Assister Training requirement, which will be reviewed and determined by the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). Organizations granted an exemption will still need to ensure that all assisters (even those focused on OHP) complete Marketplace Overview training. Email for more information.​

​If you need an assister ID and access to the ONE portal to help people apply for the Oregon Health Plan, please contact​

​To remain an active application assister, you must complete all training requirements, including any corresponding exam. If you are concerned about this deadline, email​

All new assisters will have the opportunity to take the Marketplace training within 30 days of hire. Future training schedules will be posted to this page and on the Marketplace Groupsite (​).​

Supplemental Webinars

The Marketplace is offering new live webinar trainings to refresh or enhance your working knowledge of various topics. These optional trainings take a deeper dive into topics covered at a higher level in in Overview and Assister training levels. Assisters with any amount of experience are encouraged to participate. 

On demand trainings

To register for on on demand training click the link below and log in to Trakstar using the information you used to set up your account for the annual Marketplace training. View the Supplemental Training catalog to find a training and register.

Medicare Overview

    • Presented by the Oregon Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA) program

American Rescue Plan and the Marketplace

    • An updated overview of the ARP and how it impacts health coverage through the Marketplace, including additional savings for unemployment benefit recipients - as of July 7, 2021.

American Rescue Plan and the Marketplace

    • An overview of the ARP and how it impacts health coverage - as of March 30, 2021.

Please email questions and topic ideas to