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About us

Our mission

The Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace empowers Oregonians to improve their lives through local support, education, and access to affordable, high-quality health coverage through the Marketplace and Medicare.

What we do

  • Administer Oregon’s Health Insurance Marketplace, the state-level counterpart to
  • Oversee the health insurance products sold to Oregonians through
  • Connect people to free, local enrollment assistance to Oregonians
  • Provide in-person education and outreach throughout Oregon in both private insurance and Medicare
  • Raise awareness among consumers about health insurance options available in Oregon
  • Provides free, local enrollment assistance to OregoniansWork with insurance companies, agents, community partners, and other stakeholders to get people enrolled in the right health care coverage for them and their families
  • Oversee the plans sold Oversee the health plans sold to Oregonians on

What we can do for you  

  • Answer your questions about how to get coverage and help paying for it
  • Advocate  for you with our federal parnters at if your enrollment hits a snag
  • Direct you to an insurance agent or community group that can guide you, step-by-step, through the application for financial assistance and the  enrollment process
  • Holdthrough nnnnnHHHold a Honn DDirect you you to Direct DDirect you DDDireact Direct you Hold a free "Health Insurance 101" workshop in your community 

 Contact us

  • ChiContact number (toll free) 1-855-268-3767
  • MaiMain Contact email address:
  • Administrator Administrator Chiqui Flowers: 503-884-6017,
  • Media inquiries: Elizabeth Cronen, 503-569-8171, 

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