Tribal health resources


The State of Oregon is committed to developing and maintaining strong working relationships with the nine federally recognized tribal governments that reside in the state. Three state agencies collaborate frequently with tribal health clinics and governance, as well as with each other, to increase the health and well being of tribal members. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA), the Department of Human Services (DHS), and the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) see our relationships with the sovereign tribal governments as a partnership and our organizations are committed to transparency, open communication, and consultation.

This site is intended to be the central hub of information on health coverage for tribal health clinics, members, and leadership, and to inform them in the following ways:

  • Provide charters for OHA, DHS, DCBS, or jointly created tribal-specific committees.
  • Provide tribal health-related meeting dates, times, and locations where OHA, DHS, and DCBS staff will be in attendance and provide meeting minutes and slides if these are available.
  • Provide copies of tribal-related reports produced by OHA, DHS, and DCBS.
  • Provide official tribal consultation policies and health delivery priorities of OHA, DHS, and DCBS.
  • Provide contact information for OHA, DHS, DCBS, and other state agency tribal liaisons.
If you have questions or comments about the content included on this site, or have suggestions on how we might improve, contact Rob Smith, Community Partner and Tribal Liaison with DCBS, at​