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Governance and transparency

Advisory committees

Basic Health Program (BHP) Subcommittees

The BHP Stakeholder Advisory Group works in collaboration with DCBS to consider and report recommendations for a Basic Health Program (BHP) to replace Qualified Health Plan coverage through the Marketplace for people in households less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

COFA Oral Health Committee

The COFA Oral Health Committee considers options for creating an oral health program for Oregonians from COFA islands. The committee's ideas inform DCBS recommendations that are forwarded to the Oregon Legislature.

Health Insurance Marketplace Advisory Committee

The Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace Advisory Committee provides guidance and feedback to the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services about issues affecting Oregon’s health insurance marketplace such as outreach, customer feedback, and insurance plan affordability.

The committee also provides annual reports to the Oregon Legislative Assembly and holds open meetings that provide a forum for public discussion.

Tribal Health and Human Services Cluster

The Tribal Health and Human Services Cluster is a partnership between the nine federally recognized tribal governments in Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Consumer and Business Services, which are dedicated to increasing the health and well being of tribal members.

Public records requests

Request Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace public records by submitting this form.

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