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Welcome to the carrier resource center. Soon you will find requests for application, contracts, federal guidance, deadlines, and updates related to the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace.

2018-2019 Carrier Request for Applications Closed March 1

The Marketplace has received applications for plan years 2018 and 2019. Applications are being reviewed and carriers that submitted them will receive a response by March 15th.

For reference, the application materials are below. Any questions about the RFA should also be sent to katie.m.button@oregon.gov.


SHOP Employer Renewal Forms
SHOP Participation Request Form


Unappointed Agents and HealthCare.gov - Division of Financial Regulation Decision

If an issuer receives a marketplace enrollment through HealthCare.gov submitted by an agent who is not appointed by the issuer, the issuer must issue the coverage but may not pay commission to the agent. Issuers should notify the Division of Financial Regulation. Investigations unit in Market Regulation of the unappointed agent’s conduct. An unappointed agent who submits an application to an issuer violates both state and federal requirements. Visit https://www.cms.gov/CCIIO/Programs-and-Initiatives/Health-Insurance-Marketplaces/Downloads/May_1_2013_CCIIO_AB_-Guidance_110414_508.pdf for more information.

Issuers are Required to Verify that Agents/Brokers Complete the FFM Registration Process

Issuers are required to verify that any affiliated Agents/Brokers complete the FFM registration process prior to assisting consumers with enrollment in the issuer’s FFM plans. Issuers should review the Agent/​Broker registration completion list​ to ensure that affiliated agents/brokers have completed all requirements. This list includes all NPNs associated with individuals and entities that have successfully completed all requirements, as well as the date those requirements were met. The final 2015 Plan Year completion list will be posted soon.

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Contact katie.m.button@oregon.gov or anthony.a.behrens@oregon.gov with questions or to request more materials or resources. Be aware that the email, carriers.marketplace@oregon.gov, is no longer functional.​