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Do you have or need a ONE account?

Registered users can login here. If you got a letter about setting up a ONE account, read the set up guide (English) (Spanish).

To learn more about using the ONE Applicant Portal, read these guides:

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Renewing your OHP coverage?

If someone in your household got a letter from OHA asking to renew OHP for your household, follow the instructions in the letter to renew benefits. Most OHP members can renew online through the ONE Applicant Portal.

Applying for OHP coverage?

If your household does not have OHP coverage and you want to apply, learn how to apply.

Need to report changes to OHP?

If your household has OHP coverage and you need to report a change, including adding or removing someone from your household, learn how to report changes.

If you don’t qualify for OHP, you may still be able to get coverage

If you are not found eligible for OHP, the Oregon Health Authority will notify you by mail. Your information will be referred to the Health Insurance Marketplace, which is located online at HealthCare.gov. You can go to Healthcare.gov to create an account and find out if you qualify for private health insurance and financial help to lower the cost of coverage.